Pacific University Residents Conference 2023 | Session 12
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In the first half of the course, we will discuss genome editing. An emphasis will be made on clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats or CRISPR, which is a promising genome editing technology that is being studied as a possible treatment for inherited retinal disorders In the second half of the course we will discuss telehealth has been present for several years, the pandemic rapidly pushed the medical field into this direction. This lecture will focus on the expansion of post-pandemic optometric telemedicine and explore AI imaging benefits and accuracy.

• Define the basic principles of genome editing and the principles behind CRISPR/Cas system
• To understand the demand for genome editing, along with its retinal advantages and challenges
• Discuss current research and trials surrounding genome editing in eyecare
• To discuss expansion of telemedicine and AI imaging since the pandemic and patient accessibility to eye care.
• To explore the areas where AI imaging is being researched and how it is being implemented in eye care.
• To identify areas of possible bias with AI imaging, and the future of AI imaging and telemedicine in eye care.

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