Pacific University Residents Conference 2023 | Session 3
COPE #85877-FV
Event #126539


In the first half of the course we will be following a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patient who is frequently disoriented in space. Examination and rehabilitation methods for these patients are discussed to enable optometrists to identify and treat visual spatial disruptions following TBIs. In the second half of the course helps practitioners develop a systematic approach to assess and manage symptoms of diplopia when patients present to the clinic with double vision.

• To differentiate possible urgent or emergent causes of symptomatic diplopia
• To recognize how to triage and when to consider appropriate referral for their diplopia symptoms
• To understand diplopia management techniques and their application in clinical practice
• Be able to define and describe the visual impact of TBI.
• Understand the use of yoked prism in treatment of individuals with visual complications following TBI.
• Understand the role of vision therapy in treatment of individuals with visual complications following TBI.
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