Pacific University Residents Conference 2023 | Session 4
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The first half of the course will be A case study of a patient with an acute swollen nerve, and a history of nerve swelling ten years prior in the fellow eye. Age range patient at each event provides a list of differentials. In the second half of the course, we will discuss the diagnostic criteria, inter-professional care, and optometric management options of patients with post-traumatic brain injury cases of visual snow syndrome.

• By the end of this course attendees should be able to differentiate between common causes of optic nerve head swelling.
• By the end of this course attendees should feel more comfortable ordering correct lab tests and
imaging on patients with swollen optic nerves.
• By the end of this course attendees should understand the difference between Foster-Kennedy
syndrome pseudo Foster-Kennedy Syndrome.
• By the end of this lecture, attendees will be able to identify the diagnostic criteria for visual snow syndrome and explain what makes visual snow syndrome different from other similar conditions.
• Recognize the management options that optometrists can offer to patients experiencing symptoms due to visual snow syndrome.
• Finally, attendees will be able to identify other healthcare professionals that should be involved in the care of patients with visual snow syndrome.

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