Pacific University Residents Conference 2023 | Session 7
COPE #85419-TD
Event #126487


The first half of this course is a case report on identifying early signs of neurotropic keratitis and the importance of early intervention. This presentation will review the ocular manifestation and clinical grading criteria to aid in the diagnosis of neurotrophic keratitis. An overview of management options will be discussed to help clinicians initiate appropriate treatment therapies based on clinical findings. The second half of this course will discuss Retinal arterial occlusions that may portend life-threatening vascular events to our patients. Crucially, they also exist at the confluence of multiple medical specialties. This lecture will review the latest changes in guidelines for the management of these complex cases.

• To recognize the early signs of neurotrophic keratitis.
• To distinguish diagnostic testing for early detection of neurotrophic keratitis.
• To review the most effective management of neurotrophic keratitis.
• By the end of the presentation attendees will be able to identify the current guidelines for appropriate work-up of retinal artery occlusions.
• Attendees will be able to recognize the risk profiles of patients presenting with monocular vision loss and describe the risk to life and vision posed by clinical profile.
• Attendees will be able to describe the various proposed treatments for retinal artery occlusions and recognize the evidence-based support for the effectiveness.

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