PUCO Residents Presents: Case Presentations on Functional Vision Part 1 
COPE #73407-FV
Event #122181


In a grand round formats, Pacific University, College of Optometry residents will present the effects of traumatic brain injury on patients, and the prevalence and use of Vision Therapy for improvement of symptoms, case study that show how the vestibular system can be used in optometric vision rehabilitation therapy. *This course was recorded at our NW Residents Conference in June 2021

  • By the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to identify visual symptoms of traumatic brain injury, and describe components of an assessment and vision therapy protocol.
  • Will review the vestibulo-ocular pathway, show how the vestibular system can be used aid a patient’s eye alignment and will discuss different presentations, causes, and management of congenital nystagmus with highlights from clinical cases.
  • To review, identify various forms, recognize distinct characteristics and management options for congenital nystagmus
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