PUCO Residents Presents: Case Presentations on Functional Vision Part 2
COPE #73404-FV
Event #122182


In a grand round formats, Pacific University, College of Optometry residents will present provide an overview of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome as well as common visual symptoms and findings associated with this disorder, what to look for when a patients chief complaint of dizziness and review the management of refractive amblyopia through passive treatment options and when to consider vision therapy. *This course was recorded at our NW Residents Conference in June 2021

  • Utilize an easy step-by-step approach for managing refractive amblyopia, help Identify patients who require active vision therapy for amblyopia treatment and patients who require active vision therapy.
  • Identify common ocular findings and functional visual findings and discuss the basic systemic findings found in patients with EDS
  • To show attendees what test methods provides valuable data for patients and educate different remedies, treatment, and referral options for patients with dizziness
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